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"Nicki awakened something in me that was dormant for years.  She has helped me learn and grow so much in the years I have worked with her.  I started with readings and healings and evolved to mentorship and alchemy therapy.  She helps me with all aspects of my life, from navigating health, work, past and present traumas and relationships to also connecting with my own team of spirit guides and mediumship.  I often times think of her as my therapist as well.  She is kind and easy to talk to but also will gently push you when you need it.  (In developmental exercises and practices.)

Her Trance Healings and Emotional Alchemy sessions leave me feeling instantly relieved with effects that stay with me long after the sessions.  With those healings, and every session, really... she provides tips, tools, and exercises you can practice at home or in the moment you need to.  She continues to engage and takes a personal interest in my well-being in between sessions and provides incredibly helpful feedback.  I can truly say she has made a huge impact in my life and journey and I wouldn't be who I am today without her."

Chelsee M.

Oregon, U.S.

"I have been working with Nicki for 4.5 years and have yet to be disappointed, clearly I keep coming back.  I met her at a time in my life where everything fell apart.  I was suffering from PTSD and abuse.  She helped bring me back to me, where I can trust myself again and regain control of my life.  I'm more empowered and driven than ever before.  Now I go to her for preventative and maintenance measures, just like going to a doctor for check-ups or meeting with financial advisors for market updates.

She has been an invaluable addition to my support network which does include therapists, doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, coaches, etc.  It is a must to have a spiritual advisor and Nicki is a powerful one at that.  She is one of the few I've come to rely on for sound advice and guidance.  She is an extraordinary and powerful healer as well.  I can't recommend her enough.  In fairness, she is the only professional person who I refer to others because I have no doubts she can help them whether they work with her one time or many. If you are hesitant or a little skeptical at the very least, she is a great person to speak with. Her nonjudgmental, deeply empathetic nature really allows you to be you.  That is how true transformation and healing can begin."

Cris A.

Illinois, U.S.

"You truly get everything you need...  Obviously, it's natural to be skeptical about counseling and what help you might get, because we don't always know what that looks like.  I've been down this road many times with traditional counselors with little help because I feel they are easily manipulated.  By the grace of God and the powers that be, I was given Nicki's name.  When I finally went, it has been the best thing I have ever down for myself.  She is a no BS person with a very special gift.  I don't have to be fake or feel that I need to lie to her in any way.  She is so easy to talk with and makes you feel comfortable.  I am finally seeing someone that has my mind, body, and soul in line with healing!!!"

Stacey E.

Oregon, U.S.

"Nicki embodies the essential qualities of a healer - warm, centered, skillful, and able to respond to the needs of clients in a truly intuitive way.  I approached Nicki for a reading when in a profoundly fragile and anxious place, and she immediately put me at ease.  She was able to detail multiple elements of a situation in my life with sharp accuracy and followed with counsel that I deeply needed but was afraid to ask for.  I left enlightened and with a sense of peace and the ability to adjust the filter through which I view life.  I am so grateful our paths crossed and consider it a true privilege to continue working with her.  Thank you so much, Nicki!"

Erin S.

Oregon, U.S.

"Nicki has hands down played an integral role in changing my life. I was introduced to her in the beginning of 2021 and have spent the last 2.5 years doing readings, emotional alchemy, healings, intuitive counseling, and development mentorships with her. I am a completely different person than I was 2 years ago and continue to grow. I like to say she doubles as both my spiritual mentor and therapist, among many other roles. She has gone above and beyond for me, including guiding me outside of sessions when she did not need to whatsoever. She has helped me through many breakdowns, guided me in how to better connect with my spirit guide team and my own body, and played a role in my multitudes of healing. I don't trust many people, but I trust her with my life. She's patient with me, honest (even when the truth is hard to hear), understanding, and has not once judged me in instances when even I was judging myself. 


I struggled with writing this because I didn't know how to put the last 2 years into a small paragraph, but I am confident in saying working with Nicki was one of the best decisions I have made. I have referred everyone I know to go see her. I'm so grateful I was introduced to her and plan on continuing to work with her as long as possible."


Lauren G.

Nevada, U.S.

"Nicki is a gifted healer.  I met her in Britain, where I live.  Last year I had a rare cancer resulting in the surgical removal of a tumor. A  year later, I had signs via a syndrome (including all body flushing) which is specific to that particular cancer.  This is often a sign that the cancer has metastasized, most usually to the liver.  I had multiple medical scans trying to locate the suspected new tumor.  During that process, I met Nicki who said she intuitively did not sense my cancer had returned and that my symptoms were from something else.  It was determined soon after that my body flushes were exacerbated by an abscess under a dental crown and root canal.  (since there was no longer a nerve after the root canal, there was no pain.). The tooth was extracted and the infection cleared.  This is one heartening example of Nicki's intuitive guidance.  Although the flushes are not completely gone, I am working with Nicki still to uncover any other possible contributions. R regardless of the cause, I am now on a new road self-healing using multiple modalities and changes while I continue to use medical scans to monitor any new occurrence.  I also had a joint in-person healing with Nicki and another healer that revealed areas in my life where I was stuck and which were hindering my health.  I also had two remote healings from Nicki which she did from Oregon while I was asleep in Britain.  I feel in both cases, she enabled healing energy to be released and I felt lighter and hopeful when I awoke.  I am an analytical woman in her 70's but I met Nicki with openness and a willingness to change and was rewarded by meeting a gentle soul and a gifted healer."

Linda L.

England, U.K.

"I've been working with Nicki for the better part of 2.5 years now.  This includes intuitive counseling, emotional alchemy therapy, and development sessions to work on my psychic gifts, mediumship, and connecting with my guides.  As a senior military officer and member of the U.S. Intelligence Community having served at both the Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency with multiple deployments to war zones for the past 29 years, and having met people from all over the world, no one has made such a deep impact on my life in such a short time as Nicki.  I know I would not be in such a positive place in my life were it not for her kindness, openness, and her helping me have a greater understanding of myself and my life experiences which have shaped my perceptions and misconceptions.  When I met Nicki, I was coming from a place of sadness holding onto long held fears, traumas, and self-judgement. My emotional alchemy sessions with Nicki not only helped me identify where those feelings came from but helped me to let go of them and have more self-fulfillment in my life.  In our intuitive counseling, and development sessions, Nicki also helped me understand some of the gifts I've had my whole life but regularly discounted as being in my imagination.  She has also helped me to see and have a greater understanding of my life's journey and positive impacts I can have on people by helping me to trust my feelings as an intuitive empath and given me tools that I can use in my professional life to help those around me.  Through our work together, I've learned I have much to give and offer to those around me to have hope to overcome their personal challenges.  I highly recommend Nicki to anyone searching for purpose, wanting to overcome challenges in the past, learning to let go, or seeking new ways to have a positive impact on other people's lives."

COL Chase R.

Arizona, U.S.

"I've been working with Nicki for over three years now. In that time, I have received regular development mentorship sessions, intuitive counseling, mediumship, a spiritual assessment, and trance healings.  As a tarot reader myself, I am now able to offer my own clients readings that are so much deeper and more meaningful for them, as well as incredibly fulfilling to me.  Because of my development sessions with Nicki, I am more confident in my ability to offer my clients clarity and direction, while also helping them realize their own purpose in this life. Nicki's energy is genuine and warm, and it is clear that she wants to help her clients fulfill their highest potential and connect on the deepest level to their own intuition.  It's impossible put into words how much Nicki's teachings and guidance have meant to me and the path I've taken in life; I can truly say that I'm learning from the best, and will continue to be a client.  


As I've worked to build and expand my own business, Nicki's years of business expertise combined with her psychic and intuitive gifts resulted in business coaching that helped me make smart decisions that felt aligned with my purpose.  My business has changed in ways I never could have expected, far beyond tarot; Nicki's coaching helped me feel confident with each step I took into uncharted waters." 


Alice V.

Arizona, U.S.

"Nicki is an incredibly clear channel in her work.  She comes from a place of so much strength, life experience, and understanding.  I know I can trust her to handle anything I'm feeling or going through.  Her Trance Healing is powerful, and not to be missed.  She's helped me climb up from very dark and difficult places through these sessions.  Emotional Alchemy with her may be one of the greatest shifts you can experience.  In all her work, she holds a space of deep healing, support, and an incredible ability to see, hear, and know exactly what Spirit is bringing through.  She's an ally whether you feel confused and like you can't go forward, or when you're at the heights of good feelings and simply want to see what's next in your life or spiritual growth.  I'm grateful for her abilities and authentic presence in the world- there's no one like her."

Tara C.

Kentucky, U.S.

"When I first sat down with Nicki the energy of my sister was very strong right from the start and the communication began almost immediately.  The strong start took me a bit by surprise and the communication stayed strong throughout the remainder of the session.  During the session my sister and I talked about a couple aspects of our relationship with a degree of honesty and transparency that we were unable to share during our physical time together. I  believe the higher energy Nicki held assisted my sister and I in truly seeing, understanding and accepting one another with an amazing amount of ease.  The answers I received to questions about things in her life that were baffling to me validated the authenticity of the communication while the deeper degree of insights she shared about these specific circumstances allowed me to change many of the perceptions I had.  I now know she is at peace with these things and this has brought me to a place of peace as well.  I am doubtful that my sister and I would have been able to dismantle the barriers that existed between us as quickly, easily, and lovingly in life as we were able to during our time with Nicki.  I continue to feel a growing sense of connection, love and lightheartedness in our relationship today, 3 months later.  Thank you from both of us, Nicki, your gift has blessed us with a very deep healing and I can honestly say that I have never felt closer to my sister.  


With the deepest of gratitude and appreciation,"

Jane B.

Oregon, U.S.

"Nicki is a warm, compassionate, gifted intuitive healer and spiritual medium. Her faithful connection and dedication to Spirit is palpable. I came upon a session with Nicki at a key time in my life. I left the choice of modality of healing to Nicki as to what she felt was needed.  My departed mother was waiting to reconnect with me. Nicki as a spiritual medium conveyed very specific events, from my life with my mother, that she could not have known beforehand and helped in bringing a new compassionate understanding and peaceful closure between my mother and me.  A trance healing was also performed by Nicki and her Spirit Guides. The trance healing was quietly meditative and clearly explained in detail by Nicki before and after she and her guides concluded the session. The resulting healing was profound and continues to this day. I did feel some definite light detox-like physical symptoms of the healing for a few days. The healing process continues as I feel new subtle connections within me being established. My physical, mental and emotional status are enjoying the benefits and freedom of this wonderful healing and leaving room for mystery to unfold.  In accordance with the will of Spirit, the profound healing facilitated by Nicki and her guides, brings the light of consciousness into our world and wholeness into our individual journey. I bow in gratitude to Spirit, Nicki and her guides for their ever so needed loving, healing work on the personal to the worldly levels and beyond..."

Michele M.

Oregon, U.S.

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing several sessions with Nicki.  I have had remote and in-person Trance Healings, and also Intuitive Counseling.  The Trance Healings are powerful and amazing.  I felt the energy pulse through different areas of my body while feeling completely relaxed.  Immediately following the healings, Nicki follows up with an assessment of what she did, felt, and witnessed during the healing.  The following mornings after the healings, I've felt refreshed and renewed.  I believe these healings have helped and stabilized medical issues I'm dealing with.  The intuitive counseling is direct and right to the point yet delivered in a warm and loving manner.  This form of counseling highlights areas to work on and release.  Her direct approach is valuable and productive.  If you are open and have a desire to grow, I am sure Nicki can assist you in your journey."

Kathy H. 

Oregon, U.S.

"I could easily write a novel about my experiences with Nicki. There's not enough positive words in the English language to articulate the levels of how much she has helped me.  I have been working with Nicki for right at a year now.  I came to her with swirls and layers of pain, loss, uncertainty, confusion...pure hell.  I had dealt with therapists and counselors before, so I started with her Intuitive Counseling and Trance Healings.  I was delighted to encounter such a sweet soul who was both easy to be vulnerable to, as well as connect with.  The Intuitive Counseling and Trance Healing sessions were quite interesting.  Nicki would see things and bring up things that confirmed to me that she is truly gifted.  She will tell you things you may not want to hear at times, because she's telling you the truth.  But she does so from a place of love and peace.  I recently delved into her Emotional Alchemy Therapy.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.  If you have deep hurts.  Deep loss.  Betrayal.  Years of deep, dark shit... The Emotional Alchemy is life changing!!  I have had some MAJOR breakthroughs from the Emotional Alchemy.  After working with Nicki quite a bit this year and some discussions about some of my own gifts, I have also recently entered into a Mentorship with Nicki.  I can honestly say there are two people on this earth that I trust 100%... my dad, and Nicki Durga.  If you're reading this testimonial, you're on the right track.  Schedule a session and see for yourself."

Dave R. 

Alabama, U.S.

"Nicki is a gifted healer, intuitive and medium.  She authentically cares about her clients and offers continued support.  She has, and continues to help me immensely with my spiritual journey and healing. If you are looking for an amazing transformation in your life, Nicki can help you get there!  Her coaching, intuitive counseling, emotional alchemy therapy, development sessions, and trance healings have helped me with transformation in many areas of my life. She has helped my life in so many ways!  She listens, encourages and offers guidance with compassion and without judgement.  If you are looking for transformation, I highly recommend Nicki!"

Laura D.

Oregon, U.S.

"As a tutor who has taught Nicki, I have observed her natural ability within mediumship as well as psychic level work and trance healings.  She gives very good and accurate information and has a lovely way of presenting the evidence to the recipient.  She also has a lovely healing ability.  I have personally received healing from her and observed her doing healing on others and witnessed their feedback after receiving the healings which have all been very positive."

Sharon H.

London, England

"I have had the pleasure of receiving an evidential reading and healing from Nicki.  Her evidence is very good and her healing ability equally so.  She has a natural way with her work where she's very in-tune from a psychology point of view, too.  I would thoroughly recommend Nicki.  
She's a lovely lady, too."

Kerry H.

Isle of Man, British Islands 

"I had the great fortune of being introduced to Nicki by a good friend and receive healings from her.   Nicki is a very down to earth sort of person who likes to help others.  Nicki has helped me in many ways.  I hope she continues to help people and is given a chance by many others."

Jon P.

Cambridge, England


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