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"Nicki is a clear, powerful channel in her work. She comes from a place of strength, life experience, and understanding. I know I can trust her to handle anything I’m feeling or going through. Whatever it is, she just gets it. She can help me climb up from the dark and difficult spaces when they arise in my personal healing. Her healing sessions have helped me when I’ve felt I couldn’t go forward one more step- both literally and figuratively. She’s helped me to rebuild my energy field after intense trauma and loss, and provided the support I deeply needed so that I could return to my life and work. I’m so grateful for her presence in the world. <3"


Tara Alexandria


Kentucky, U.S.

"I appreciate Nicki's warm and welcoming personality.  She has given me some wonderful intuitive information with love and no judgement... appreciate our time together." 

Lynn T.

Oregon, U.S.



"Nicki is a gifted healer, intuitive and medium.  She has, and continues to help me immensely with my spiritual journey and healing!  I know that I would not be where I am right now without her intuitive, wise guidance and healings.  Nicki authentically cares about her clients and offers continued support.

Thank you, Nicki, for your guidance and support on my spiritual journey!

Laura D.

Oregon, U.S.


"Nicki embodies the essential qualities of a healer - warm, centered, skillful, and able to respond to the needs of clients in a truly intuitive way. I approached Nicki for a reading when in a profoundly fragile and anxious place, and she immediately put me at ease. She was able to detail multiple elements of a situation in my life with sharp accuracy and followed with counsel that I deeply needed but was afraid to ask for. I left enlightened and with a sense of peace and the ability to adjust the filter through which I view life. I am so grateful our paths and crossed and consider it a true privilege to continue working with her. 

Thank you so much, Nicki."

Erin S.

Oregon, U.S.

"Nicki is a gifted healer.  I met her in Britain, where I live. Last year I had a rare cancer resulting in the surgical removal of a tumour. A year later I had signs via a syndrome (including all body flushing) which is specific to that particular cancer. This is often  a sign that the cancer has metastasized, most usually to the liver. I had multiple medical scans trying to locate the suspected new tumour. During that process, I met Nicki who said she intuitively did not sense my cancer had returned and that my symptoms were from something else.  It was determined soon after that my body flushes were exacerbated by an abscess under a dental crown and root canal. (Since there was no longer a nerve after the root canal, there was no pain).  The tooth was extracted and the infection cleared. This is one heartening example of Nicki’s intuitive guidance.  Although the flushes are not completely gone, I am working with Nicki still to uncover any other possible contributions.  Regardless of the cause, I am now on a new road of self-healing using multiple modalities and changes while I continue to use medical scans to monitor any new occurrence. I also had a joint in-person healing with Nicki and another healer that revealed areas in my life where I was stuck and which were hindering my health. I also had two remote healings from Nicki which she did from Oregon while I was asleep in Britain. I feel in both cases, she enabled healing energy to be released and I felt lighter and hopeful when I awoke.  I am an analytical woman in her 70s but I met Nicki with openness and a willingness to change and was rewarded by meeting a gentle soul and a gifted healer."

Linda L. 


"As a tutor who has taught Nicki I have observed her natural ability within mediumship. She gives very good & accurate information & has a lovely way of presenting the evidence to the recipient. She also has a lovely healing ability, I have personally received healing from her & observed her doing healing on others & heard their comments after receiving the healing which have all been very positive."

Sharon H.


"I have had the pleasure of receiving an evidential reading & healing from Nicki. Her evidence is very good & her healing ability equally so. She has a natural way with her work where she's very in tune from a psychology point of view too. I would thoroughly recommend Nicki, she's a lovely lady too."


Kerry H.


"I had the great fortune of being introduced to Nicki by a good Friend.  Nicki is a very down to earth sort of person that likes to help others.  Nicki has helped me in many ways.  I hope she continues to help people and is given a chance by many others."

Jon P.  


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