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Hi, I'm Nicki. I'm an Intuitive Spiritual Medium and Healer.  I was born with a sensitivity to energies which has given me the ability to feel and perceive energy, emotions, and information from the living as well as the spirit world since early childhood. 

It's important for me to communicate that the work I do is not about me.  It's Spirit working through me regardless of whether it's a reading, healing, or intuitive counseling session.  I'm grateful to be given the opportunity to work with Spirit in this way.  My intention in this work is to bring healing to the physical world as well as the spirit world...  To be of service to both worlds in any way that I can.  I have trained extensively in a very disciplined manner with some of the best mediums and healers in the U.K. at The Arthur Findlay College, and continue to do so. I'm excited to bring these teachings back to the U.S. to share them with my own students.  It's incredibly rewarding to me to be able to help others realize their own potential and develop their intuitive gifts; To help others see how powerful they are and help them unfold and learn how to use their gifts to serve others.


"Nicki is a warm, compassionate, gifted intuitive healer and spiritual medium. Her faithful connection and dedication to Spirit is palpable. I came upon a session with Nicki at a key time in my life. I left the choice of modality of healing to Nicki as to what she felt was needed.


My departed mother was waiting to reconnect with me. Nicki as a spiritual medium conveyed very specific events, from my life with my mother, that she could not have known beforehand and helped in bringing a new compassionate understanding and peaceful closure between my mother and me. 


A trance healing was also performed by Nicki and her Spirit Guides. The trance healing was quietly meditative and clearly explained in detail by Nicki before and after she and her guides concluded the session. The resulting healing was profound and continues to this day. I did feel some definite light detox-like physical symptoms of the healing for a few days. The healing process continues as I feel new subtle connections within me being established. My physical, mental and emotional status are enjoying the benefits and freedom of this wonderful healing and leaving room for mystery to unfold.


In accordance with the will of Spirit, the profound healing facilitated by Nicki and her guides, brings the light of consciousness into our world and wholeness into our individual journey. I bow in gratitude to Spirit, Nicki and her guides for their ever so needed loving, healing work on the personal to the worldly levels and beyond..."

Michele M.

Oregon, U.S.

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing several sessions with Nicki.  I have had remote and in-person Trance Healings, and also Intuitive Counseling.  The Trance Healings are powerful and amazing.  I felt the energy pulse through different areas of my body while feeling completely relaxed.  Immediately following the healings, Nicki follows up with an assessment of what she did, felt, and witnessed during the healing.  The following mornings after the healings, I've felt refreshed and renewed.  I believe these healings have helped and stabilized medical issues I'm dealing with.  The intuitive counseling is direct and right to the point yet delivered in a warm and loving manner.  This form of counseling highlights areas to work on and release.  Her direct approach is valuable and productive.  If you are open and have a desire to grow, I am sure Nicki can assist you in your journey."


Kathy H. 

Oregon, U.S.

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-Nicki 🖤

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