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I was born with a sensitivity to energies.  This has given me the ability to feel, see and perceive energy, emotions, and information in different ways from the living as well as the Spirit World since early childhood. 

My focus in college was English and Writing with a minor in Psychology. During college, I worked for a coffee company that I climbed to the top of and eventually owned my own franchises.  I sold my locations at the end of 2017, and immersed myself in extensive training at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the U.K.  I trained with several of the best psychic mediums in the world focusing on psychic level work, different types of psychic readings, Auragraphs, Platform Mediumship, one-on-one Evidential Mediumship readings, Trance Mediumship, Trance Healings, and Spiritual Assessments.  I also went through trainings to get certified as a Trauma Therapist, Life and Transformation Coach, Relationship Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Mindfulness Teacher. I do a lot of counseling and trauma work, a lot of different types of readings, energy work, and I do a lot of teaching / training others to open to their spiritual abilities. Although, my development and training will never be finished, I'm grateful to be doing the work I feel called to do and I feel fortunate to be able to help people every day.  I have a lot of business experience and have been in business for myself successfully for 20 years in a few different capacities, which is helpful for my clients who need coaching specifically around what's holding them back professionally.

I've been through a lot of traumas in my 45 years and I'm grateful to have the experience and the wisdom gained from each of them as it gives me the language to draw from to help others in theirs. I have a lot of personal experience with narcissistic abuse and I've spent years studying and researching the signs and how to navigate it. I'm confident in saying that I'm good at counseling  and coaching my clients on how to navigate relationships with this dynamic as well as how to heal from the trauma from it.


I also have a knack for counseling people on how to navigate dating and relationships... this includes showing my clients how they may be projecting their own emotions onto their partner, helping them to understand their own attachment style as well as their partner's and how to navigate those differences and not take them personally, and also helping them recognize any issues in the relationship that is coming from their partner's trauma and giving them tools on how to navigate it in a healthy way for both parties.  I've done a lot of studying and research on attachment styles and I speak to that in sessions when I intuitively feel it's needed for the client to have a more clear perspective on how they're feeling as well as how their partner is feeling.

I'm a trauma informed, very safe, non-judgmental Empath who will tell you the truth and help you out of the dark...


"I’ve had the privilege of working with Nicki for several years on my healing journey, utilizing modalities like Intuitive Counseling, Emotional Alchemy Therapy, and Trance Healings. Her compassionate nature and kindness have been the cornerstone of our sessions, creating a space where healing felt not just possible, but transformative. She provides a safe space, allowing me to freely voice pain and anger while shedding light on aspects of myself I struggled to embrace and cherish. She effortlessly made sense of roadblocks that had me stuck for years, consistently highlighting my accomplishments and breakthroughs.  Over time, she's become more than a guide; she's a trusted friend.  


What sets Nicki apart is her ability to articulate the inexpressible. She has this remarkable gift of understanding and putting into words what one can only feel deep within. Her insights and guidance have been profound, guiding me through not just trauma recovery but also personal growth and spiritual development.

Nicki's ability to connect on an intuitive level and offer guidance has been nothing short of remarkable. I found her to be exceptionally perceptive, offering profound insights into areas of my life that no one knew about. Amidst a challenging heartbreak, her compassionate approach and intuitive insights proved instrumental in navigating the turmoil while fostering a deeper self-understanding.

Nicki isn't just a therapist; she's a gifted medium and healer. My regular trance healing sessions with her are something I look forward to. She possesses an extraordinary talent for remote healing and the depth and potency of these healing sessions have always brought great physical and emotional relief.

Throughout our journey, she has nurtured and mentored my evolution in mediumship, generously sharing her profound insights and gifts. Nicki's exceptional abilities as a Spiritual Medium have provided me with the mentorship I needed to connect with energies beyond the physical plane and to learn how to convey messages and insights that were remarkably accurate and meaningful.  Her consistent validation, support, and belief in my progress have been profoundly empowering. 

I'm immensely grateful for her presence in my journey, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Katia P.

Berlin, Germany

"Working with Nicki for the last 5 years has elevated me to higher opportunities in every single area of my life.  Mentally professionally, and in my personal life.  Because of her abilities and professionalism, she has helped me stay focused, and grounded.  I've let go and unpacked years of baggage that was holding me back, created healthier relationships with the people I love and care about as well as the new people who have come into my life.  I've been able to help my students and animals that I impact on a daily basis. Career wise, I've skyrocketed to where I've wanted to be and I've yet to peak.  Because of her, I've lived a stress free and anxious free life for years.  I don't worry or panic. I can't thank her enough and I'm so glad she's someone I know can help me with anything.  I could write a book on how much she has done for me and I'm so grateful for Nicki."

Michael C.

Oregon, U.S. 

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