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About Me...


I was born with a sensitivity to energies which has given me the ability to feel, see and perceive energy, emotions, and information in different ways from the living as well as the spirit world since early childhood. 

My focus in college was English and Writing with a minor in Psychology. During college, I worked for a coffee company that I climbed to the top of and eventually owned my own franchises.  I sold my locations at the end of 2017, and immersed myself in extensive training at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the U.K.  I trained with several of the best psychic mediums in the world focusing on psychic level work, different types of psychic readings, Auragraphs, Platform Mediumship, one on one evidential mediumship readings, Trance Mediumship, Trance Healings, and Spiritual Assessments.  I also went through trainings to get certified as a Trauma Therapist, Life and Transformation Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Mindfulness Teacher. I do a lot of counseling and trauma work, a lot of different types of readings, energy work, and I do a lot of teaching / training others to open to their spiritual abilities. Although, my development and training will never be finished, I'm grateful to be doing the work I feel called to do and I feel fortunate to be able to help people every day.  I have a lot of business experience and have been in business for myself successfully for 20 years in a few different capacities, which is helpful for my clients who need coaching specifically around what's holding them back professionally.

I've been through a lot of traumas in my 45 years and I'm grateful to have the experience and the wisdom gained from each of them as it gives me the language to draw from to help others in theirs.

I'm a trauma informed, very safe, non-judgmental Empath who will tell you the truth and help you out of the dark.


"You truly get everything you need...  Obviously, it's natural to be skeptical about counseling and what help you might get, because we don't always know what that looks like.  I've been down this road many times with traditional counselors with little help because I feel they are easily manipulated.  By the grace of God and the powers that be, I was given Nicki's name.  When I finally went, it has been the best thing I have ever down for myself.  She is a no BS person with a very special gift.  I don't have to be fake or feel that I need to lie to her in any way.  She is so easy to talk with and makes you feel comfortable.  I am finally seeing someone that has my mind, body, and soul in line with healing!!!"

Stacey E.

Oregon, U.S.

"Nicki embodies the essential qualities of a healer - warm, centered, skillful, and able to respond to the needs of clients in a truly intuitive way.  I approached Nicki for a reading when in a profoundly fragile and anxious place, and she immediately put me at ease.  She was able to detail multiple elements of a situation in my life with sharp accuracy and followed with counsel that I deeply needed but was afraid to ask for.  I left enlightened and with a sense of peace and the ability to adjust the filter through which I view life.  I am so grateful our paths crossed and consider it a true privilege to continue working with her.  Thank you so much, Nicki!"

Erin S.

Oregon, U.S.

"Working with Nicki for the last 5 years has elevated me to higher opportunities in every single area of my life.  Mentally professionally, and in my personal life.  Because of her abilities and professionalism, she has helped me stay focused, and grounded.  I've let go and unpacked years of baggage that was holding me back, created healthier relationships with the people I love and care about as well as the new people who have come into my life.  I've been able to help my students and animals that I impact on a daily basis. Career wise, I've skyrocketed to where I've wanted to be and I've yet to peak.  Because of her, I've lived a stress free and anxious free life for years.  I don't worry or panic. I can't thank her enough and I'm so glad she's someone I know can help me with anything.  I could write a book on how much she has done for me and I'm so grateful for Nicki."

Michael C.

Oregon, U.S. 

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Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about my work. 

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