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I was born with a sensitivity to energies which has given me the ability to feel and perceive energy, emotions, and information from the living as well as the spirit world since early childhood. 

My focus in college was English and Writing with a minor in Psychology. During college, I worked for a coffee company that I climbed to the top of and eventually owned my own franchises.  I sold my locations at the end of 2017, and now I'm gratefully doing the work I'm meant to be doing and I get to help people every day.  I have a lot of business experience and have been in business for myself successfully for 20 years in a few different capacities.

I've been through a lot of traumas in my 45 years and I'm grateful to have the experience and the wisdom gained from each of them as it gives me the language to draw from to help others in theirs.


"I've been working with Nicki for three years now. I n that time, I have received regular development mentorship sessions, intuitive counseling, mediumship, a spiritual assessment, and trance healings.  As a tarot reader myself, I am now able to offer my own clients readings that are so much deeper and more meaningful for them, as well as incredibly fulfilling to me.  Because of my development sessions with Nicki, I am more confident in my ability to offer my clients clarity and direction, while also helping them realize their own purpose in this life. Nicki's energy is genuine and warm, and it is clear that she wants to help her clients fulfill their highest potential and connect on the deepest level to their own intuition.  It's impossible put into words how much Nicki's teachings and guidance have meant to me and the path I've taken in life; I can truly say that I'm learning from the best, and will continue to be a client.  


As I've worked to build and expand my own business, Nicki's years of business expertise combined with her psychic and intuitive gifts resulted in business coaching that helped me make smart decisions that felt aligned with my purpose.  My business has changed in ways I never could have expected, far beyond tarot; Nicki's coaching helped me feel confident with each step I took into uncharted waters." 


Alice V.

Arizona, U.S.

"Nicki embodies the essential qualities of a healer - warm, centered, skillful, and able to respond to the needs of clients in a truly intuitive way.  I approached Nicki for a reading when in a profoundly fragile and anxious place, and she immediately put me at ease.  She was able to detail multiple elements of a situation in my life with sharp accuracy and followed with counsel that I deeply needed but was afraid to ask for.  I left enlightened and with a sense of peace and the ability to adjust the filter through which I view life.  I am so grateful our paths crossed and consider it a true privilege to continue working with her.  Thank you so much, Nicki!"

Erin S.

Oregon, U.S.

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 If you are booking your first session with me, please send me a message and let me know your preference before your session.

 I look forward to working with you. 


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Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about my work. 

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